Unicorn - G 12,000

    Total Laser Power:11W


     Beam diameter:<6.5mm
     Beam divergence:<1.3mrad (full angle)

     Modulation:>100KHz Analog

     AC power:100-240V 50/60Hz

     Protection rating:IP 52
 Size:L316 x W255 x H180mm

​     Class IV laser products

     EXW Price:$9,000.00

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  • Laser Module:Pure diodes, longer lifetime, higher reliability. Low divergence < 1.3 mrad(full angle).
  • Scanner:Pure ILDA control board, Safety key switch, Time delay for laser shooting, Emergence stop box(Time delay), Slide cover for beam aperture, Shutter, Scan-fail protection, Auto Power-Cut etc.
  • Features:Robust designed for medium sized venues and events. An optional integration of professional Grating Wheel offers an outstanding level of laser display.

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