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If You Can Dream It, LightSpace Lasers Can Do It.

We are the entertainment industry’s workhorse laser with cutting-edge cooling efficiency and unsurpassed color matching beam quality.

LightSpace USA Projectors

The Workhorse Laser

For over 15 years, LightSpace has been an innovator in the laser world focusing on the best scanning systems, laser modules and projectors. Our entertainment industry customers demand the best, and that’s what we provide. Quality is our priority. From hand-picking materials and suppliers to maintaining a pristine, dust-free production environment, every step of our supply chain is meticulously managed to ensure the utmost quality for a long-lasting, hard-working laser.

LightSpace USA 44w-Unicorn

We’ve Got Your Back

Our sales team is not just trained; they’re attuned to your needs. We prioritize understanding your requirements, ensuring your satisfaction remains our driving force. Our dedicated team of laser experts are here for you. From pre-sales consultations to post-sales support, we’re committed to providing professional guidance every step of the way.

Explore the LightSpace Lineup.

Choose from a variety of laser projectors for your next show’s specific needs. All LightSpace Lasers come with a 2-Year Parts & Labor Warranty and heavy-duty travel case.


Brilliant Colors for Brilliant Shows

LightSpace has dedicated itself to building brighter, bolder laser projectors to produce magnificent aerial beam effects, hi-res graphic effects and laser mapping. Whether you’re an emerging laser professional working clubs or an established touring laser professional staging outdoor stadiums and arenas LightSpace has the laser projector to fit your needs.


What's In The Box?

  • Laser Projector

  • Heavy-Duty Travel Case

  • Power Cord

  • Safety Key for Projector

  • Metal Safety Wire

  • E-Stop Box

  • E-Stop Y45 Connector

  • E-Stop Safety Key

Lasers by Application
Shop laser

 Recommendations By Application. 
  • Advertising & Signage

  • Architectural

  • Clubs, Discos & Bars

  • Concerts & Festivals

  • Corporate, Schools
    & Institutions

  • Cruise Ships

  • Home & Hobby

  • House of Worship

  • Outdoor Events

  • Sporting Events

  • Theater

  • Theme Parks

  • Touring Professionals

  • TV & Film


Support & Service

No other company in the industry will provide you with our level of expertise and support. Our team of laser professionals are not only trained in laser technology, but they’ve also put in the hours and hours of hard work on tours and shows. Our techs and sales professionals know the in-and-outs of being on large scale touring productions and what’s expected of experts in the field. And as everyone knows, the show must go on, that’s why our support team specializes in 24/7 on-the-fly emergency assistance and guidance for repairs and troubleshooting when you need it the most.

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