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Warranty Policy

1. The laser projector from LightSpace USA has two years warranty service (from the date of purchase),when applying for warranty, need to show warranty card and original purchase voucher.


2. During the warranty period, LightSpace USA will provide free maintenance for customers, but for out of warranty, customers would need to bear repair cost.


3. Stop using immediately and contact your supplier if you found the projector is overheating, damaged or other abnormal situation.


4. The warranty service is not including following situations: injury caused by accident or improperly use; the component isn’t from LightSpace USA; to modify product without any approval of LightSpace USA.


5. For any maintenance problems, please dial the official service e-mail:


6. The right of final explanation belongs to LightSpace USA.



1. Always disconnect this product from the power source before cleaning it or replacing the fuse.


2. Cleaning of internal optical elements must be done by authorized technicians. Improper operation or chemical for cleaning can cause serious damage to the projector. Cleaning times depend on the operating times and operating environment. It is recommended to clean the external optical system every 180 days.


3. Check regularly for loose screws and damaged parts. Replace damaged parts if necessary.


4. Added regularly to various rotating parts or bearings to improve the lifespan of the products.


5. Make sure to replace the fuse with another of the same type and rating.


6. In the event of a serious operating problem, stop using the projector immediately. Never try to repair the unit except in a controlled environment under trained supervision. Repairs carried out by unskilled people can lead to damage or malfunction of the unit, as well as exposure to dangerous laser light.

7. No service allowed by customer. There are no user serviceable parts inside the unit. Do not open the housing or attempt any repairs yourself. Service is only to be handled by the factory or authorized factory trained technicians.

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