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Shipping Policy:
Every laser projector and system sold by LightSpace USA, LLC, is meticulously crafted to order and will be dispatched from a designated warehouse facility to the address you specify during the ordering process. This selection is based on the specifics of the system ordered, including make, model, and serial. Customers bear the responsibility for shipping expenses unless stated otherwise.

Shipping Services:
We utilize trusted carriers such as FedEx/TNT, DHL, UPS, Southwest Cargo or Cargo Partner for most shipments, tailored to your chosen delivery location and the dimensions of the items being transported.

Using Your Own Shipping Provider and Account:
Should you prefer to use your own shipping provider and account, we can facilitate this arrangement. Simply furnish us with your shipping account details during the ordering process or liaise with our shipping department ( to arrange pickup through your logistics provider.

Confirmation of Shipment:
Upon completion of production for your purchased laser systems, we will promptly furnish you with comprehensive shipping and tracking details via email, utilizing the address provided at the time of order placement.

Importation, Duties and Taxes:
All laser systems sold by LightSpace USA, LLC within the United States adhere to stringent US CDRH and FDA regulations.

For US clients receiving lasers from international warehouses: Upon export, you will receive corresponding CDRH and FDA documentation affirming compliance and certification, alongside an import ID form for customs clearance. Customers are responsible for any applicable duties and taxes incurred during system importation into the US. For international clients: Systems will be shipped directly to the specified address, with customers assuming responsibility for any relevant customs duties and taxes.

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